Presonus ioStation 24c- Review

I'm a sucker for extra control. If you could see my desk, you'd see no shortage of extra macro keys, Stream Decks, palm keyboards, and more. It is for this reason that I've been considering adding a control surface for my DAW. Considering that I use Studio One Professional quite heavily, the Faderport (which has unique Studio One integration out of the box) was a...

EastWest Hollywood Orchestra OPUS Edition Launch

Many months ago, in the early days of Covid, EastWest Quantum Leap announced a huge update for their flagship orchestral library, Hollywood Orchestra. 230GB of new content, completely revamped presets, and a 'new' player engine called OPUS, and more were said to be coming, and as an EastWest Composer Cloud subscriber, I became very excited since it would be included. Hollywood Orchestra, despite being...

FabFilter Releases Pro-R Reverb Plugin

I need another reverb like I need a hole in the head. But FabFilter has now released one, and I can't help but take notice! Find more details on their new reverb plugin, FabFilter Pro-R.

PACE Introduces All Metal 3rd Generation iLok

I stumbled upon this today when going to the iLok site, and I'm a little surprised there wasn't any news about this. But it appears that PACE has released a new version of their iLok USB licenser with a full metal body, increased storage and increased speeds.

IK Multimedia Ships iLoud Micro Monitor

In a welcome announcement today, IK Multimedia has announced that they are shipping what I consider to be a pretty exciting product. The iLoud...

IK Multimedia Announces MODO BASS, A Physically Modeled Bass Guitar Instrument

IK Multimedia announced the full details for their upcoming physically modeled bass guitar instrument, MODO BASS. 12 bass guitar models are included.

So where are all the older articles?

A while back, I started looking into the idea of an automated way to transfer articles from our old platforms to this new platform. We used to use not only a different coding language and database for the backend, but a completely different content management system. So I was hoping to find an easier solution. I couldn't.

Propellerheads Rack Extensions- More Info

Rack Extensions are potentially the best thing to come along for Reason users in a long time. Check out this brand new video which tells more about them and also get to hear from the developers who are already creating Rack Extensions.