created the internet. Ok, so it didn’t create the internet. But we did create audio production on the internet. Ok, so we didn’t create audio production on the internet. But we were one of the first audio production websites on the planet.

Ok, we can’t really say who was first, or how close we were, but we’re one of the oldest. ProRec started in 1998, back when the internet was just beyond a glimmer in it’s father’s eye(we think it was Al Gore, but he was unavailable for comment). Through the years, we’ve written thousands of articles and reviews and become one of the best known audio production websites around the web. was the first to ever do reviews for companies like Garritan and FXpansion, before they were in their current form. Our articles have been used in audio production technical schools around the world, and the ProRec name has been referenced tens of thousands of times from other websites around the internet.

We’ve gone through quite a few changes in the past few years, but one thing remains. We love audio and music. It’s what we do. Every writer you see at ProRec is dedicated wholly to their craft, and most of them make their living doing it.

ProRec is not associated with, nor do we have any obligations to, any developers or audio hardware manufacturers. We do SUPPORT these companies, as they drive our industry. But we are not paid by them outside of receiving copies of their products for review. Our reviews are 100% honest opinions of the writer. When you read something here, you can be fully assured that we’ve put thought into it, and we’re telling the truth to the best of our knowledge. Why would we do otherwise, and ruin the trust of all you awesome people?

So we hope that for years to come, ProRec will continue to provide top notch reviews and coverage of the audio production and music world. We can’t wait to see what we have planned!