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So where are all the older articles?

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A while back, I started looking into the idea of an automated way to transfer articles from our old platforms to this new platform. We used to use not only a different coding language and database for the backend, but a completely different content management system. So I was hoping to find an easier solution.

Unfortunately, no progress has been made on that type of solution. So I’ve decided to take the bull by the horns and do it all by hand. ProRec has over the years had MANY popular articles that have been used in audio production schools around the world and referenced by thousands of websites. So we definitely want to bring those back online. Articles such as “Over The Limit” will be the first to be transferred. Others that are still relevant will follow.

What will NOT be transferred are ancient articles related to completely outdated technologies, along with most old reviews. We may save a few gems, but it’s not worth the work to transfer them all. This is unfortunate, as it leaves some of the ProRec legacy in the dust, but it’s necessary.

So what we need from you is to let us know if there are articles you wish to see again. Just go to the contact form and get in touch. If the article can be salvaged, it will go back up. Many articles are now missing images that got lost in the hacked server three or four years ago, but such is life.

One thing is for sure, we’re still working on it! Your patience is definitely appreciated!

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