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ProAudioGarden has always been about bringing you great audio and music production content. A part of this content includes news. But I believe it is important to make it clear what drives our news coverage and how the decision is made on whether to post a news item.

We don’t post every news item we receive

Quite simply, ProAudioGarden isn’t exactly a news outlet. Though we do share news, we do not aim to be your go-to source for news. We are a very small team, and keeping up with posting news is not a good use of time. The news is already covered elsewhere extensively. In the past, we have tried to post every release that came across our email. But it just simply consumed too much time, especially since every press release required formatting, image editing, etc.

If you are a developer, you are welcome to send us your news release. It may be posted, but it may not. If it’s a product that fits our audience and catches our interest, we may post about it even if we don’t post the full release. We still like to know as many details about new releases as possible, and every news release is read and saved. Just know that requesting a news item to be posted doesn’t mean it will be.

How do we decide what to post and what not to?

Though we don’t post every release, you may notice that we do post some news. Honestly, we don’t have a complex system for deciding what to post. The rule is this: if the product excites us, or if there is a particular benefit for our readers, we will post the news. This largely comes down to personal preference.

You will generally see some comments that accompany our releases. Not always, but usually. If we have questions, comments or other statements regarding the release, we’ll post those at the beginning of a release that we post.

But that’s it. If the product is something we are excited to see, or sparks a certain curiosity in one of our writers, we’ll post it.

Are there any rules for sending releases?

Yes and no. You are welcome to send us a news release no matter what. But there are a couple of things to remember.

First, posting a news release should not be a pre-requisite for receiving a review copy of the product, or for any other product. This could be construed as giving positive press in exchange for freebies, and we’re just not into that here. If you require a news release to be posted before you will send a review product, we will deny these terms.

Another rule is that you must accept that we will often add our own comments to the release. We will keep the release itself in place, but will generally add comments before it. Since we only post releases of products that intrigue us, these comments won’t typically be negative. But there is a chance that our comments don’t completely jive with the vibe in your release.

We DO welcome your own comments on why you think we should be excited about your release though. If you are super excited about it, there is a better chance we will be. But be real and genuine. You never know, that alone may attract us to your product.

Other than that, sending a release is welcome and encouraged. If you would like to put us on your press list, feel free. At the moment, you can add brent@proaudiogarden.com to your list. A dedicated news email may be created at a later date.

That’s it! If you have any questions about these policies, please feel free to let us know.