Freebie Focus- Solaris Reverb by Adam Szabo

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This week’s freebie is an amazing and fun to use reverb plugin from Adam Szabo; Solaris. This plugin was actually the winner of the 2023 KVR Developer’s Challenge.

Solaris can function as a typical reverb unit, but it is much more than that. Solaris is more of an ambient modulated shimmer machine…..if that makes any sense. From ethereal textures to artificially-added depth for your sounds, Solaris is a creative powerhouse. See the video below for a run-through of the type of sounds you can get from it. It really is a ton of fun to use.

If you’d like to download Solaris, you can find the info on Adam’s site. It will take you to the KVR Developer’s Challenge page, but definitely take a look around Adam’s site, and if you find the plugin useful, consider donating a few bucks (not required or even requested, just a suggestion by us here at ProAudioGarden).

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