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Freebie Frenzy- Episode 1

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Everyone likes FREE.

I like the word so much that I choose to capitalize every letter in the word. After all, capitalized FREE is even cheaper!

But I digress. Over time, I'll share freebies from around the web as I find them. Software, samples, plugins and resources, or whatever else I can find, I'll share it here.

So for our first "episode", we've got a couple of great new freebies from some generous gents(or maybe ladies, we didn't check). 

The first is a cool set of Timbale samples from Molotov Sound. There are 41 stereo samples, including right and left hand hits and multiple velocity layers. Be sure to check out the KVR thread for more information and for links(I won't link directly to the samples as they were released for KVR viewers).

Next is not necessarily new, but it sports a brand spankin' new interface. I'm talking about jsCompshaper, a multi-band compression/noise shaping plugin from Electric Snow. According to the developer, "Yet another compressor, but this one has the ability to morph between soft-knee compression and waveshaping as desired."  So check it out over at the Electric Snow website!

The new interface(which is gorgeous, IMO) was designed by Nick Moritz from Rado Records, who also happen to do many other interface designs for the audio software world, so you should check Nick out as well!.

Ok, stay tuned! More great freebies to come soon!


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