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Freebie Frenzy- Ample Guitar M Lite

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The guys at Ample Sound have created several plugins over the past year designed to give you realistic acoustic and electric guitar sounds(one of which we’ll be reviewing very soon). And if you’ve been looking to get your hands on the libraries to test, you’re in luck. They announced today the first FREE version of one of their libraries, the Ample Guitar M Lite.

The AGML is based on the full sample set and plugin from the Ample Guitar M, which uses samples of a well known Martin guitar.Here’s a video of the FULL product in action:

The lite version specs are as follows:

Size: 682 MB
Samples: 668 samples
Sample Rate: 16bit 44.1khz
Fret Limit: 0 – 4th fret
Playing Style(sample bank): Finger
Sample Cycle: Maximum 2
Techniques Sustain: Sustain, Hammer On & Pull Off, Palm Mute, Popping 5 techniques
Sound Mode: 1 Stereo
Customized chord: 6
Strummer Humanization: 1
Strummer SEQ: 4
FXs: Reverb, Stereo Delay 2 FXs

You can read more and download here: http://www.amplesound.net/en/pro-pd.asp?id=7


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