FREE Pipe Organ From Samplephonics

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For all the freebie-loving readers out there (I’m pretty sure that is a majority of you), I came across this wonderful freebie today. Samplephonics have released the Leeds Town Hall Organ sample library, which is a free high-quality organ library.

The Leeds Town Hall Organ weighs in at around 3.2GB of samples, which is outstanding for a freebie. The instrument that was sampled is a very large pipe organ with a powerful, almost shattering sound. It’s also a fairly impressive sight to see, as you can see in the picture below.

Probably my favorite thing about this freebie, apart from the very good quality of the sounds themselves, is that Samplephonics have created patches for use in not only Kontakt, but also the Ableton Sampler, EXS24, and Reason’s NN-XT.

You will also find a variety of presets within the instrument for different sound variations. 

So if you need a pipe organ, it would be pretty foolish not to download this. I mean, it’s free. But one quick note. Make sure to click on the “Download” button on their website and not the “Click here for unlimited downloads” button. That one takes you to another site with a paid sample download service (which may be useful to you, but isn’t necessary for this freebie). The actual download button is right below it. 

Get the Leeds Town Hall Organ freebie here.


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