FL Studio On Mac? Sure Looks Like It!

There are a few things that we never thought would happen in the audio world. Reason would never allow external instruments, Waves would never ditch the iLok, and FL Studio would never be a Mac program. When the first two happened recently, I guess some of the doubt on the third one flew out the window.

Yes, it’s true. It looks like Image Line is starting(or starting soon) beta testing on a Mac port of what is probably one of the most downloaded applications on the audio planet: FL Studio.

Now, this is NOT exactly a native port. It’s a custom version of a Windows emulation utility that is made to run FL Studio. So it’s a Windows version still, but running on the Mac with as few layers as possible.

Check it out yourself: http://forum.image-line.com/viewtopic.php?f=100&t=80076

Now, this doesn’t look to be a completely open beta as of yet. They are choosing based on length of time you have been with FL Studio. They plan on opening up the beta to more people as the product becomes more stable.

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