Vielklang 2 LE- FREE For Focusrite Owners during July

If you own any Focusrite hardware (as I do), you may already be aware of the monthly Plugin Collective, where you can get cool freebies (or discounts) every month.

This month’s freebie was announced this week, and it is the Vielklang 2 LE harmonizing and pitch control plugin from zPlane (the developers behind the Elastique time and pitch shifting algorithms).

This is a pretty cool plugin, particularly for free. It is the light version of the full Instant Harmony plugin, but the limitations shouldn’t hold you back. It is still pretty powerful and has the majority of features from its older brother. 

So just a heads up for those who may not get the Plugin Collective emails. Log into your Focusrite account (must have a registered Focusrite device) and you’ll see the instructions front and center. You may also still be able to get the XLN Audio Addictive Keys plugin as well, though I don’t know how long that will remain (it is a previous month’s freebie, but they still have it showing on some accounts). 



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